Chlorophyl Integraal 3


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Soon after his creation in 1954, the brave dormouse Chlorophyl quickly became one of Tintin magazine readers’ favourite characters. Chlorophyl travels to and fro between his home in a lovely country valley and the island where the animals live like humans. In this volume he is again up against his arch enemy, the evil Anthraciet. On returning to his home, he finds a gang of riotous youths and a ferret with culinary inclinations.

The integrale series contains all Chlorophyl stories by Raymond Macherot. In this final volume, you’ll find four full-length stories and one short story, which hasn’t been published in an album before. Bonus material consists of Macherot’s comic Miesje and episodes of a nature column from Tintin magazine, illustrated by him. The comics have been restored to their original splendour as best as possible. The stories are introduced by an illustrated dossier, full of information on Chlorophyl and his creator.

A comic for all ages, that will appeal to a new generation of readers too.

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Raymond Macherot – Chlorophyl integraal, volume 3 | Dossier translated and edited by Willem van Helden | 208 pages| Fullcolor |  Hardcover € 27,50 | ISBN 978-94-92117-79-3